A pragmatic young ballet dancer and romantic baseball fanatic meet and quickly fall in love in 1985, only to realize they may have been naive about love-at-first-sight. Stupefied and inspired by their potential futures, and saddled with helpful and non-helpful advice from friends and family, Elizabeth and Will discover new truths about each other and themselves as they await their futures just beyond tomorrow.

John Keating

Book and Concept

Nick Stamatakis

Music and Lyrics

Excerpts from the Show

Beyond Balboa
Introduction to the show's lead, Elizabeth

Rewind / Fast Forward
Act I Finale

Production History

Staged Reading - The Theater Center New Works Incubator, New York, NY - November 2022

Dylan Goike, Stanley Graham, Olivia Jane, Corey Moore, Emily Samuelson & Payton Tevis

Directed By: Shannon Knapp
Music Direction By: Nick Stamatakis

Staged Reading - Pittsburgh Musical Theater, Pittsburgh, PA - May 2021
Hilary Caldwell, Joe Fedore, Brady Patsy, Mandie Patsy, Mike Petyak & Emily Samuelson
Music Direction By: Nick Stamatakis